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Thank You to the Sherrie-Ann Gordon Foundation supporters  and board members for an inspiring event.  
The better your experience, the better the stories.
The better the stories, the more students are interested.
The more students are interested, the larger the enrollment.
The larger the enrollment, the better the school.
The better the school, the better the experience.

The Sherrie-Ann Gordon Fund for Diverse and Unique Experiences has a larger social mission, one that reflects Sherrie’s values. Attending a boarding school can be shell-shocking for some black and brown kids from the inner cities. The fund allows students the opportunity to seamlessly transition into a new setting that can be intimidating both socially and financially. Without additional non-financial aid assistance, many black and brown students will never have the chance to fully embrace the experience, or worse, never complete the journey they began.

Everything in life is a full circle, will you give to grow this circle?

Being able to fully immerse yourself in the diverse opportunities afforded to you is paramount for a fulfilling independent school experience. This fund was created to complete the student experience. It allows for the diversity Williston is dedicated to achieving to be more inclusive and that will be more impactful.

There will never be another Sherrie, but what this is poised to do is create another student who can embrace the school, their community, and go on to make an amazing difference in people's lives around the world like she did. This is who she is. This is what she would have wanted. 

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